Your First Orthodontic Visit

Philadelphia, PA

Orthodontics includes the evaluation and treatment of malocclusion, which is the misalignment of teeth and uneven bites. It can also include similar oral health complications, as well, like spacing and crowding. These problems usually occur during the developing stage of kids, and eventually, it can lead to more severe oral health issues like tooth decay and crooked teeth if not treated at the right time.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), parents should get their children their first orthodontic assessment by the age of seven. It is one of the best ways to identify and take the necessary action required to fix any teeth or bite misalignment before it is too late. Because of this, the professionals here at Art of Smile – Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics strongly encourage you to get an early orthodontic assessment for your child.

Importance Of Early Orthodontic Assessment

There are several good reasons why the AAO recommends getting an early orthodontic assessment before the age of seven. First, it is the developing stage of the child when they have both primary teeth (also known as baby teeth) and permanent teeth (the “adult” teeth), as well. At this age, it is much easier for our professionals to spot problems and abnormalities in the teeth and jaw structure. If these abnormalities get overlooked, then it may cost a lot of stress, discomfort, and possibly other diseases. Treating these issues can also be more complicated.
Furthermore, misalignment in teeth or a bad bite can also disrupt many everyday tasks that can affect the quality of life for someone. These include day-to-day activities like speaking, chewing food, brushing, flossing, and others. Additionally, it can also affect the teeth and jawbone structure, which may affect other areas like your neck, back, and spine. Finally, having crooked teeth or gum diseases can seriously affect the confidence and self-esteem of your kids. However, early orthodontic assessments can prevent you and your kids from having to experience all of these unwanted problems.

Getting An Early Orthodontic Assessment

People often overlook the fact that everyone should visit our office for regular check-ups. For a child, the orthodontic assessment does not only mean treating misalignment of teeth and bad bites. While these two considerations are certainly important, orthodontics is not exclusively limited to them. Orthodontics assessments also include evaluating the growth of the teeth in the correct manner. Our professional team will also make sure to prevent any future complications by creating room for erupting teeth, preventing crowding, influencing the jaw structure to be more symmetrical and stronger, and reducing the chances of teeth removal in the future.

To achieve these goals, we may recommend braces or clear dental aligners to your child. Traditional braces have been one of the most common methods of fixing teeth alignment for years, but many new methods and appliances are also proving to be much more efficient. For instance, clear plastic aligners (which are a series of removable invisible trays that have the same functions as braces, with minor differences) can also help address any minor malocclusions or bite issues. To prevent future oral complications for your children, please schedule an early orthodontic assessment with one of our professionals here at Art of Smile – Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics by calling us at (215) 800-0015 today.