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Val G.

I had the most enjoyable experience at Dr. Amy James & Associates office. I opted for ceramic braces, primarily because of my profession and I was elated with the overall appearance. I must admit, I’m overwhelmed with my “NEW” smile, I love it! The removal of my braces was easygoing and the personal celebration in the office was beyond thoughtful! It’s the little things that mean the most and I would recommend Dr. Amy James & Associates a million times over!

Kudos to Nicole Larkin for her outstanding personal touches on every visit. She was overly accommodating, explained each process in detail and attentive to my needs! She is by far amazing, caring, exceptional and a valuable employee.

Thank you for my “New” glorious SMILE!!


Barbara W.

Thanks to another orthodontist who said “Oh, you don’t need a lower retainer” back in the early 80s, my lower teeth eventually shifted terribly. Add in gum recession, and the only way to correct this was by pulling a lower front tooth and closing the gap with Invisalign. Dr. James provided Invisalign trays with the space “whited out,” and in less than a year the space was closed! No one notices that a tooth is missing! I once again have straight, easy-to-clean teeth and no more worries about speech issues. Couldn’t be happier!


Natalie C.

I loved my lingual braces! No one even knew I had braces on. This was a great option (for an adult) that Dr. James offered. It was always a pleasure visiting their office. They go above and beyond with their customer service. I am so happy with my smile.



As a previous braces-wearer, I was reluctant to get back in the chair for another year of more tinkering and adjustments. Cleary hanging onto some major misconceptions, I was absolutely blown away with the ease of the orthodontic regimen. Compliance is key. Beyond that, these minor adjustments yield incredible improvements each month. By the time I got my permanent tray, I was floored by the overall results.

A note about the quality of care here- because it deserves its own review. Especially given the current health crisis, finding truly individualized care can be tough. Dr James and her team have not only adapted to the demand for virtual appointments, but have continued to provide the same level of exceptional health and cosmetic expertise. Dr. James is hands down the warmest practitioner I have come across in this industry. I truly felt she was as excited about my results as I was. When it comes to dental and orthodontic work, you want to be in trusted hands. 20/10 recommend this practice.


Bolivar B.

Dr. James is a phenomenal professional. She always showed care and understanding of the issues I was facing with. Her associates are also very professional and clear. Super recommended!


Dawn M.

Dr. James and her associates were amazing in turning my smile around! I went with the Harmony braces (metal on the inside), which saved me from embarrassment as I’m a business owner and speaker. Together we decided that my lifestyle (travel, meeting and eating with clients, etc.) wasn’t conducive to Invisalign. I am SO happy with the results and the overall experience. I have full trust in Dr. James and her staff and looked forward to seeing them at each visit. Don’t be concerned about the experience of getting braces as an adult and busy person if you go with Dr. James and her team.


Dmitry S.

I have had lingual braces Orthodontic treatment done by Dr Amy James’s office. I chose lingual braces as I did not want neither regular nor invisiline braces for various reasons, being in mid 40’s. The treatment lasted for a year and a half and was completed more than a year ago. Dr James and all her associates and the office staff were extremely helpful, professional and friendly, both before and during the treatment. I was clearly explained what was going to happen, the timeframes, the jaw surgery that was required in my case to achieve the desired results, etc.. It’s been more than a year since everything was completed and my only regret is that I did not do it 10 years earlier 🙂 I enthusiastically recommend Dr James’s office and lingual braces!


Jocelyn B.

Great experience with this office and Dr. Amy. They are taking all necessary covid precautions and the service is wonderful. Felt like I was getting excellent care.