Art of Smile Philadelphia Team

Team Bowling March – 2024

At Art of Smile, we believe in the importance of team bonding to foster strong relationships and enhance our collective success. Our team enjoyed a fantastic night of bowling at Lucky Strike, where strikes, spares, and laughter filled the lanes. These moments outside the office are invaluable for building camaraderie and enhancing teamwork, which directly contributes to providing exceptional care for our patients. At Art of Smile, we’re not just colleagues—we’re a supportive team dedicated to creating smiles both inside and outside the office.

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Three individuals in a dental office, one holding an open box of doughnuts with a “Dental Day” greeting, celebrating Dentist Day in Philadelphia.

Dentist Day March – 2024

Art of Smile celebrated National Dentist Day and Dental Assistant Appreciation Week by honoring some of Philadelphia’s finest dentist offices. Dr. Shah visited with treats

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