Accelerated Orthodontics in Philadelphia PA

LightForce Custom Braces

Discover the future of orthodontics at our practice with Custom LightForce braces. We’re proud to be among the select few in the area to offer this advanced technology. Engineered for precision and personalized treatment, LightForce braces ensure unparalleled comfort and effectiveness, tailored specifically to your unique dental needs. Experience the difference of cutting-edge orthodontic care at our office and achieve your perfect smile with confidence.
Close-up comparison of teeth before and after treatment with Custom LightForce Braces for Accelerated Orthodontics in Philadelphia.

MOP - Micro-osteo perforations

MOP is a minimally invasive procedure that involves controlled micro perforations in the bone to accelerate the tooth movement within the bone. This procedure helps get the essential cell turnover and the right inflammatory mediators to the areas of need to achieve faster results and reduce treatment times by almost 30 percent.


Accelerate your orthodontic journey with the VPro device, now available at Art of Smile. The VPro accelerates treatment by enhancing the effects of your aligners or braces, reducing treatment time, and enhancing overall comfort. This advanced technology uses gentle vibrations to stimulate blood flow and cell turn over to achieve faster tooth movement, ensuring efficient and effective orthodontic results

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