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Braces Emergencies in Philadelphia, PA

Rendering of tooth on emergency kit from Art of Smile - Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics in Philadelphia, PAEmergency situations need to be avoided at all costs. The scientific process of straightening teeth for either functional or aesthetic reasons is known as orthodontics. However, in this procedure, braces are frequently utilized as the instrument. There are several different parts that will be put in the mouths of people getting braces, including several rubber and metal elements.

It is recommended to contact our office if you are in excruciating pain or have an uncomfortable appliance issue that you cannot fix on your own. It is typical to have some minor discomfort after getting braces for the first time or when having them adjusted. On occasion, though, you can run into an issue that results in discomfort that is more intense. These issues may typically be treated, providing you with immediate relief. Nevertheless, a dental emergency is possible and, if it does occur, will require prompt intervention. At Art of Smile - Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics, we make a concerted effort to make your orthodontic treatment as comfortable as we can.

Orthodontic Emergencies

There are many different kinds of orthodontic emergencies, so you must first recognize and evaluate the problem. This can involve oral bleeding or a swallowed device. Real orthodontic emergencies can occur, and it is nevertheless vital that you become familiar with them. Although soreness is to be expected, you or your child may be concerned about oral discomfort following braces placement or adjustment. However, in a patient’s particular situation, drinking liquids and eating soft meals are frequently the greatest ways to treat sore gums or teeth. If you experience a touch of irritation and annoyance with the new sensation in your mouth it is because you might have recently had braces or another orthodontic appliance attached to your teeth. All these wear out with time.

Dental Emergencies

As the teeth start to move and shift into their proper alignment, most patients are likely to feel some pain and minor aches. It is crucial to get medical help right away if you sustain a serious tooth, jaw, or mouth injury. A significant dental emergency may result in tooth loss and excruciating pain. There is a good probability that coping with this kind of emergency will affect your orthodontic treatment. Your teeth will surely move out of position if you have lost a brace, or have a broken tooth or broken jaw. It is crucial for you to make an appointment with one of our orthodontists immediately. This is so that we can decide whether your orthodontic appliance needs to be fixed or changed.

Broken Wire

Problems with a wire might be painful or uncomfortable for people wearing braces. Wires are inserted through the brackets to maintain pressure on a child's or your own teeth as they realign. But these wires are liable to break. The region becomes loose as a result of this. When a wire breaks, it may protrude from the teeth, prick the cheek, or simply create irritation. Try bending the wire back against the tooth using tweezers to alleviate the pain. Put some relief wax to use holding the wire in place. This is a temporary measure. Our orthodontist will need to change the wire in order to correct it. Please schedule an appointment with us as soon as you can.


Invisalign is also beneficial for aligning teeth. However, there are likely emergencies that can occur with Invisalign as well. During treatment, the patient wears a set of aligner trays that are changed out every two weeks. Notify our dentist right away if you accidentally lose or break your aligner trays. Some patients can find it challenging to remove their aligners so they can eat, floss, or brush their teeth. If this occurs, you can loosen the aligners by swishing warm water around your mouth like mouthwash. Make sure to call our dentist for an emergency appointment if this does not work. In order for you to feel at ease and satisfied with your Invisalign, we will check the aligners for any issues and, if necessary, modify your treatment strategy.

Loose Brackets

A loose bracket is a major dental emergency. The metal brackets are bonded to your teeth. The adhesive holding the brackets to your teeth is sturdy. Moreover, there is a wire connection on the brackets, so they should easily cling to the wire. But you should make an appointment with our orthodontist right away to have the metal bracket put back on your teeth. Please contact our office as soon as possible if a bracket or band comes loose.

Ceramic Braces

While using clear or tooth-colored brackets, ceramic braces are similar to metal braces in appearance. Because ceramic braces are less obvious on your teeth than metal braces, many individuals choose them. If you are thinking about getting braces and do not want to feel self-conscious wearing them, this can be a great benefit. Do not put your ceramic braces back in your mouth if they shatter. You should never put a broken or misshaped appliance back in your mouth. Call us, and we will arrange the earliest appointment for you. Come to the clinic as soon as you can if you lose or damage your retainer so we can manufacture you a new one before your teeth begin to move.

Preventing Minor Orthodontic Issues

One of the finest things you can do to reduce and even prevent minor orthodontic concerns is to adhere to all wear-and-care recommendations that are provided to you. Additionally, it is crucial to brush your teeth every day and to refrain from eating things that are sticky or hard because they can make your appliance loose. It is critical that you visit one of our doctors right away if you or your child has sustained an injury to the oral cavity. Our doctors will need to reposition your braces since soft tissues require time to heal. Reach out to us at Art of Smile - Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics or contact us at (267) 703-7877.
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